Are you struggling with a broken heart, broken relationships, or broken dreams?

When you work with a Spirit of Hope counselor, there is always hope leading to healthier and happier lives and relationships. Life can often bring difficulties that make it hard to function normally. Spirit of Hope creates a path to recovery through our counselor’s guidance and wisdom. With every relationship, issues will arise that may not be solvable using your own skills.  Marriage counseling with a trained therapist is an excellent way to work through those difficult issues. There are many forms of addiction and they are becoming more prevalent in today’s culture.  Facing addiction issues with the guidance of a trained counselor can help you move forward with a more stable and satisfying life. Our therapists are trained to deal with a wide range of issues.  Whether it is depression & anxiety, marriage & relationship issues, addictions, trauma, etc.; Spirit of Hope’s trained staff is here to help you work through these issues and improve the quality of your life.

Spirit of Hope Counseling Center 

  Providing expert counseling for
individuals, couples and families

It's hard to know where to turn for skilled and effective counseling services, but you've come to the right place. The good news is
Spirit of Hope Counseling Center offers expert guidance to move you in a positive and fulfilling direction.

We have a talented, compassionate and dedicated team of 
therapists who walk alongside you and
provide a supportive place to be heard and understood.

What Makes Us Unique? Our Collaborative Approach

When we work with couples or family members at Spirit of Hope, we collaborate with other therapists on our team and put our ideas and expertise together to help your relationships. With this approach, we provide hope and healing for the toughest situations.
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              Families                         Individuals                        Couples                        Military Families          

Our team helps families stay intact, find closeness and resolve difficulties.

We value family!
Individuals who feel lost, struggle with emotions and need help with life transitions can get their needs met here.

Help is a click away!
We work with a variety of couple types to iron out marital and relationship issues, resolve conflict and learn healthy communication techniques.

We also provide premarital counseling for couples preparing for marriage.

Invest in your relationship!

We have therapists with specialized training to work with military service members and their families.

Coming home from war is not always a smooth transition.

"We can't help people spiritually when there is emotional pain that needs to be attended to first."   
Rev. Christopher B. Enstad

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