Reclaiming Your Lost Soul: A Soul Seekers Life Guide for Healing Codependency

Are you’re ready to reclaim your life and live as you believe God intended? This faith-based workbook offers you an in-depth understanding of “losing one’s soul” (codependency) identifying what it looks like, how it develops, and how to heal. It also includes prayer and journaling exercises for reflection to help in your healing journey

Gain Hope * Feel more connected with God * Live as God intended for you * Have the life you desire * Transform your negative thoughts, unhealthy behaviors, and uncomfortable feelings * Be proud of who you are!

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Here’s an excerpt from Reclaiming Your Lost Soul Workbook

When we grow up with unhealthy, abusive, addictive, or neglectful households or homes with chronic illness (both emotionally and physically) often the children are raised to worry and care for others at their own expense. Souls growing up in that environment slowly disintegrate. Losing one’s soul has a predictable outcome and there are a consistent set of negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as a disconnection spiritually. Read these traits and take note for yourself if you struggle with these issues . . .

  • Unhealthy Thoughts: Denial, low self-esteem, black and white thinking (right/wrong, good/bad), judgmentalism and self-righteousness and much more.
  • Unhealthy Feelings: Anger, resentment, contempt, fear of conflict, shame and guilt, fear of abandonment, numb feelings, uncontrolled emotions, and many other feelings.
  • Unhealthy Behaviors: Overly compliant, hyper-vigilant, avoidant, controlling, perfectionistic, manipulative and other poor coping skills like overeating, drinking, etc.
  • Spiritual Disconnection: Maybe you didn’t grow up spiritually minded, so you didn’t learn about God’s love for you. Or perhaps people have failed you or let you down. Such struggles can cause you to believe God will do the same. Perhaps you’ve lived with shame for your own behaviors and don’t believe God will accept you. Nothing is farther from the truth.

With this step-by-step guide, RYLS workbook will walk you through your own experiences and teach you how to identify and manage your true feelings. You will learn what healthy thoughts and behaviors are, why clear boundaries are important, and how to manage your relationships as well as yourself in more proactive, productive, and fulfilling ways of living.

This is a “must-read and do” workbook for you if you see yourself in the description above. But don’t worry. You’re not alone! Get started today for a healthy tomorrow. Or get a group together to work alongside you!

This is a life-changing workbook and would be perfect  for a group setting, working weekly on each topic.

ALSO AVAILABLE to purchase for help on your healing journey!

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Hear What Others Have to Say About RYLS Workbook:

“This eye-opening guide walks readers through key definitions and symptoms but focuses mainly on proactive steps for regaining wellness. I appreciated the easy-to-understand language, all the helpful examples and graphics, and especially the encouragement Peg offers. I gained valuable insights about my past experiences as well as my current habits and parenting style. The thorough exploration of soul-loss and Peg’s fact- and faith-based approach to recovery offers specific strategies and, most importantly, hope.”  S.M.

“Reading through this book was very insightful – not only for me but family members as well. My dad was someone that always planned for the worst; trying to control every situation and outcome. He’d play out scenarios in his mind and struggle with things he couldn’t control. I never understood why he was like that. My dad grew up with an alcoholic and abusive father, and as I was reading Peg’s book there were so many times I found myself saying, “Ah – that is why he was like that.” This book does a fantastic job of articulating how our upbringing impacts how we respond/cope.”  B.N.

Reclaiming a Lost Soul: Codependency Revealed and Recovered

This is Peg’s first book and is a helpful guide for counselors. The step-by-step guide offers easy and helpful tools to help heal others who have lost their souls (codependency).

Great psycho-education activities and ideas to help others. Only $9.99 +$4.00 shipping. Please contact Peg directly to order this book at