Reclaiming a Lost Soul: Codependency Revealed & Recovered: A Guide for Mental Health Practitioners and Their Clients

Reclaiming a Lost Soul: Codependency Revealed and Recovered

Peg’s helpful book gives readers a comprehensive understanding and definition of “losing one’s soul.”

As you may understand, living in dysfunctional, abusive, addictive, neglectful or chronically ill (both emotionally and physically) families contribute to the loss of one’s soul.  We see it become solidified in individuals after years of unsuccessfully trying to control others’ behaviors, feeling worthless, and having very unhappy, unfulfilling and exhausting relationships.

Losing one’s soul has a predictable outcome and we see a consistent set of negative thoughts, feeling and behaviors, as well as a disconnection spiritually.

  • Negative Thoughts: Denial, low self-esteem, black and white thinking (right/wrong, good/bad), judgmentalism and self-righteousness
  • Negative Feelings: Anger, resentment, contempt, fear of conflict, shame and guilt, fear of abandonment, numb feelings, uncontrolled emotions and many other feelings
  • Poor Behaviors: Overly compliant, hyper-vigilant, avoidant, controlling, perfectionism, manipulations and other poor coping skills like over eating, drinking, etc.
  • Spiritual Disconnection: Trusting in oneself and feeling overwhelmed and an inability to connect with God and lack of religious experiences

You will find important information and lots of ideas to help with the issue of losing one’s soul. Order the book today by email or phone 952-546-5565.