What Does It Mean to Lose Your Soul . . . Continued?

Can you relate to any of these lost soul traits? Here’s a quick overview of some of the traits seen in individuals who have lost themselves:

  • Spiritual Disconnection: This means just that – losing your connection to God and trying to take charge of your life on your own, but failing miserably.
  • Challenging Thoughts: Having low self-esteem, believing others are to blame, having black- and-white thinking, minimizing problems, and living in denial.
  • Challenging Emotions: Powerlessness, anger, shame, fear, depression, and anxiety.
  • Challenging Behaviors: Being overly compliant, controlling, reactionary, perfectionistic, lacking healthy boundaries.

How does it develop? As I mentioned, if your family system is emotionally unhealthy, relating well to others and having close, intimate relationships can be a problem. We learn early on how to cope with uncomfortable situations, but those coping mechanisms keep us stuck. For example, if you hid or shut down or spaced out as a child, you can continue doing those things as an adult. You can imagine how this can impact a marriage or other relationships.

In adult relationships to stay healthy and communicate well you can’t shut down or hide. Nothing will get addressed, much less resolved. These problematic coping strategies become so engrained in your character that to gain healthy thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs takes awareness first, then help to learn new ways to live! If you’ve tried to respond differently on your own and haven’t been able to sustain those healthy responses, reach out for help.

And finally, through this workbook, healing is possible. Understanding your unhealthy ways of living, identifying your own personal issues, and processing the information with journaling and prayer, you can change your life.

Here are changes that you can make:

  • Learn to set healthy boundaries
  • Understand the traits of supportive, “safe” peopleÂ
  • Become aware of and learn to express your emotions appropriately
  • Learn self-care and why it’s critical for healthy living
  • Discover how to detach with love
  • Learn to become assertive in your relationships and regain your power
  • Understand your early childhood issues and begin the healing process
  • Learn to listen to your body
  • Begin the process of spiritual renewal
  • Understand what it means to forgive and begin the forgiveness process 

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