With the holidays only days away you may be stressing out! Scheduling time with loved ones, spending time with people you don’t like or get along with and deciding where and when and how long to visit relatives can cause major headaches.

Women…We tend to be the worst at taking care of ourselves!

First…STOP! Take a breathe. SIT DOWN! Zero in on your inner voice. Don’t ignore it. That voice has been trying to get your attention for a long, long time. What do you need? What do you want? How much can you handle? What absolutely needs to get taken care of? Take a minute to answer those questions.

Try not to think that everything is important and perfection is the goal. Decide what absolutely needs attention and let go of the little things. Take time to enjoy the kids, the music, the specialness of this time.

I remember being in that exhausted state, especially when my kids were young. But if I’ve learned anything in my lifetime, I’ve learned I needed to play more, worry less and enjoy my family.

At this holiday time, please take time for what’s important…your friends and family. I hope you can enjoy the holiday season and you are a blessing of love and compassion for those important people around you.