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Losing one’s soul has hurt many people, sometimes even destroying their lives or causing their death (from severe depression and suicide). The effects on individuals and families can’t be minimized. Due to the importance of the issue, we must remain mindful of our inner world—our spiritual nature, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and bodily responses.  

Join me on this journey of discovery. Throughout the book, you’ll learn new concepts and understand losing one’s soul more thoroughly. You’ll also have opportunities to reflect and spend time on yourself. We’ll work together to identify how and why you lost your soul. We’ll explore ways to regain yourself and the individual God intended you to be. Ask a friend to join you, and let’s get started!

As with many other psychological issues, regaining one’s soul isn’t a destination but an ongoing journey. Recovery takes time and is something you can learn to manage your entire life. I’ve seen many clients gain relief and hope as we work through issues, learn new strategies for healthier relationships, and reclaim the power they’ve given away and the soul they’ve lost.

Living authentically is God’s design for your life!

When I talk about losing souls, it refers to individuals giving up themselves—their thoughts, dreams, emotions, even their bodies—to other people. (Some people call this codependency.) You lose the sense of knowing who you are; however, I believe that isn’t gone forever. You just need to find yourself again, learn to nurture yourself, and reclaim your lost soul. When you go through this process and become authentic, you’ll find peace, experience less anxiety and depression, and gain an understanding and acceptance of yourself. You’ll have peace to finally live as you were meant to live. You’ll understand who you are in God’s eyes and from his perspective. And you’ll accept yourself, quirks and all!

I believe our soul is the essence of who we are, which includes our thoughts, our personality, our emotions, and our God-given spiritual gifts. But because of difficulties, dysfunction, pain, betrayal, and trauma, we’ve given up ourselves for the sake of saving others. We survive, but we aren’t sure of who we are, what we want, or what meaning our lives have because our focus has been on others and their needs. Some of us believe we’re supposed to give up ourselves to others. However, focusing only on others eventually leads to a place of unhappiness, resentment, anger, sadness, and pain. So take this time to reassess your “self.” See if you’ve nurtured it and claimed it as your own or if you’ve given up your life for others, only to end up unhappy.

Although you can’t change other people, you can change how you deal with them. Through this helpful, step-by-step process, relationships that once were failing can now be healthy, functional, and satisfying. You can be free of obligation, learn to set healthy boundaries, and ask to get your needs met. Recovery from losing your soul allows you to live proactively, feeling free to be yourself. Don’t live reactively and incessantly watchful, anxious and with shame. Instead, take charge of your destiny and learn to love yourself as a beloved child of God.