Important Forms Necessary for Your First Visit

As a new client, you will need to provide some essential information. Please choose from the following forms below. Print the forms one-sided and complete them prior to coming in. For tele-health visits, please scan the completed forms, along with a copy of your insurance card to For in-office visits, bring the forms and insurance card with you to your first session. It will save time in our first visit. 

  • Intake Forms: For your initial visit, please complete these forms, one set of forms for each person.  Please print one-sided only.
  • Couple’s Additional Agreement: Needed for couple’s counseling only.
  • Release of Confidential Information: No need to complete this form for new clients unless you would like me to contact another professional. This form allows us to share your medical information, and to do that we need your signature on file. Please print and complete this form and sign it.
  • Soul Seekers Assessment: Do you struggle with losing your soul? Take the test for yourself. If so, order Reclaiming Your Lost Soul Workbook to understand and heal.

Please scan and email completed forms along with a copy of your insurance card to