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Winter Blues

Wow…we’re all feeling cooped up and antsy because of our long, long winter. The cloudiness has also been relentless and many people are feeling down, depressed and discouraged. Start to help yourself with self-care…here are some options to take better care of yourself, which helps with better, more controlled or appropriate emotions. Start here: Meditate/Prayer, journal,…

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The Holidays are Here!

With the holidays only days away you may be stressing out! Scheduling time with loved ones, spending time with people you don’t like or get along with and deciding where and when and how long to visit relatives can cause major headaches. Women…We tend to be the worst at taking care of ourselves! First…STOP! Take…

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Couple’s Counseling is Messy!

Couples counseling is messy! As I work with couples, those who are more aware of the dynamics of their relationship, they make greater headway to marital satisfaction. It’s important to not get caught up in the details so much. Notice how you’re feeling. Ask yourself the question, “Why am I so upset about this? Where…

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